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If you are looking for a small tattoo (not very detailed designs and/or designs less than 5-6”), you can call (914) 231-6670 or stop in the shop the day you would like to come in. If there isn't immediate availability we can put you on the waitlist and try to get you in the same day. We service many walk in clients most days but availability changes daily based on the appointment schedule.

For larger/more detailed tattoos, please schedule an appointment with an artist directly.

To schedule an appointment/get a price quote for a tattoo, please read below in full:



1.) Check out the artists’ portfolios by clicking their image on the main page or via the Artists link in the navigation bar.

2.) Choose ONE artist that matches the style/design that you like

3.) Contact that artist directly. Each artist has their preferred contact method listed on their individual page on the main page or via the Artists link in the navigation bar.


 While the artists do work out of our shop, our artists are not employees of the shop. Artists schedule their appointments individually, and unfortunately the shop has no control over the artists’ schedules. Both the shop and individual artists receive hundreds of inquiries weekly, so response times to emails or DMs may vary. Please be patient - it could be several days or longer before an artist can respond to your inquiry. Please reach out to one artist at a time. Mass-emailing multiple artists at the same time only makes it more difficult to schedule your appointment, and makes it harder for the artists to respond to all of their messages.


When contacting the artist please make sure to include the following information to help them answer you in a timely manner:

  • Attach reference photos of the design/concept that you like
    • The more you can send the better! It helps the artist understand what you are looking for.
  • The part of your body where you would like the tattoo placed 
    • i.e. left upper arm, right ribcage, etc.
  • What size you would like to do the tattoo 
    • Be as descriptive as possible 
    • i.e. “5-6 inches”, etc. 
    • Please do not use vague terms like “medium size”
  • Please include what days of the week work best for you. We are closed on Sundays & Mondays, and artists all have different schedules so please include as many options as you can.


We accept cash, all credit cards, and Apple Pay. You can leave tips in cash or on card.

Our shop minimum is $80, and our hourly rate varies from $150-$200 per hour depending on the artist.

Deposits are non-refundable, and they will be applied to price of the tattoo at the end of the session, or rolled over to the next appointment if you are having multi-session work done.

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