Piercing by Keri D'Angelo -







Keri has been a professionally licensed body piercer for 8+ years with certifications in multiple states/counties.  She has been working with Addicted to Ink for 2 years and is proficient in micro-dermal implants, as well as all types of body modifications and piercings.

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Body Piercing FAQ

ALL tools are cleaned and sterilized (via both heat and steam processes) after every use.
ALL needles and paper products used are sterile, single use and disposed of after each use.
ALL jewelry used is guaranteed surgical steel or titanium at minimum.
NO nickel in any of the body jewelry or tools used on premises
ALL prices listed include the standard surgical steel jewelry.
(Titanium, Gold, Rose Gold and Opal jewelry options are available at an additional charge)

No appointments are necessary for body piercings, walk-ins welcome.
(Please arrive no later than 30min before close)
Tuesday 1pm-9pm
Wednesday 1pm-9pm
Thursday 1pm-11pm
Friday 1pm-11pm
Saturday 1pm-11pm
-Sunday appointments available upon request.

Please don't hesitate to contact Keri directly with any questions or concerns:
Instagram: AbusiveCupcake
Email: AbusiveCupcakeXO@gmail.com
Website: www.addictedtoinkny.com
Shop Phone #: (914) 231-6670

Services/Piercings Offered:

-helix (cartilage)
-forward helix
-body piercing tapering
-micro-dermal removal*
-jewelry installations and changes
-discounts for multiple piercings available

-Must be 18 years old if unaccompanied, with valid legal government issued photo ID.
(Acceptable forms of ID include but are not limited to learners permit, drivers license, enhanced ID, and passport)

-If a minor, you must present a valid legal government issued photo ID that shares matching information with the parent/guardian's photo ID that is also present. (If legal guardian is not a parent, he/she must present guardianship paperwork)
(Acceptable forms of ID for a minor include but are not limited to school ID WITH copy of birth certificate, learners permit or passport)

-Piercings with an asterisk (*) cannot be performed on anyone under the age of sixteen (16). (see above for ID requirements)

-Piercings with a double asterisk (**) cannot be performed on minors. NO EXCEPTIONS