Who We Are

1600041_10153700612270403_1123725352_nAddicted To Ink is a small business that was opened by four friends in 2007 with the goal of creating an environment that they could enjoy to work in as much as customers would enjoy getting inked in.

With five years of successful business to date in one of the most tumultuous economic times in recent history, it is clear that Addicted To Ink is here to stay.

Questions, comments or concerns can either be submitted via e-mail at, phoned in at 914-231-6670 or answered at any time in person during our normal business hours

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What We Do


High quality, custom tattoos completed with the utmost care and industry leading sterile procedures.

Our talented artists each come with a variety of education, training, and experience. The vast majority of the work our artists produce is completely custom and drawn to the customer's liking in the artists unique style. Flash designs are available, as well, for those so inclined.

A full array of piercings.

Our talented staff performs a wide array of piercings and our full stock of jewelry will provide many options for interested customers.

A top-notch customer service experience.

We owe a large part of out success to our amazing customer base, which has grown exponentially due to the lengths to which we go to satisfy every individual. Regardless of whether you're coming in for your first tattoo or your fiftieth, we'll do all we can to make your experience a comfortable and satisfying one.
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